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Stranded Under the Bermuda Triangle

How can this family survive trapped deep beneath the Devil’s Triangle, and who is the mysterious man that has found his way on the ship?

Energy Force

This book takes the readers on a journey above and beyond confronting Metaphysical and Political conflicts affecting the earth.

Bronze Star to Dishonor

The journey of a Veteran who suffers from a mental health crisis and attempted to end his life once and for all. What made him do it? Find out now.


About The Author

J. T. Witmer

Born in 1966, J. T. Witmer joined the Military at 17 years old. He spent the bulk of the next 30 years in the National Guard, Army Reserves, or Active Duty.
When he was 14 years old, he wrote a Sci-fi play that found its way up into the attic. Writing had never been a serious dream he could follow, as he was destined to be a pilot for the military deploying multiple times to areas around the globe. Once his Military career had run its course, the writing bug hit him once again.
For years anytime an idea for a book hit him, he made notes about the story and filed it away, presumably never to be thought of again. Almost 40 years after he had thought his dream of writing had died, he found the book in the attic that was once forgotten and began writing again. Now in the twilight of his years, he has taken to pen and paper to bring those stories to life.

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